Boosters of your all-around wellness.

Here, opportunities for lifelong learning and successful aging present themselves anywhere you look. It’s a lifestyle grounded in the pursuit of longevity and shaped by an integrated partnership with the nationally renowned, research-based healthy lifestyle initiative Masterpiece Living®.

The force behind this initiative is a pivotal, 10-year study by the MacArthur Foundation that points to the way we live as one of the most impactful determinants — even more so than our genetic makeup — for how well we age. This landmark finding reinforces the importance of placing yourself in a community, in a culture of continued growth and enrichment. It’s why at Oak Trace, we empower you to not only sharpen your physical fitness but also nourish your social, spiritual and intellectual well-being.

  • Social: Avoiding the perils of isolation by engaging in meaningful interactions with friends new and old
  • Intellectual: Challenging, expanding and activating our minds to stay mentally limber
  • Physical: Improving balance, mobility, strength and endurance while also staying mindful of the nutritional needs of our bodies
  • Spiritual: Continuing to live with meaning and purpose, giving of ourselves and seeking higher levels of self-awareness

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we work with residents to develop personalized road map for protecting their future health. We begin with a Masterpiece Living review to explore your health and lifestyle goals. Together, we’ll identify opportunities you can use to make the pursuit of multidimensional wellness a natural part of your everyday life.

Complete the form on this page to schedule a community visit, and experience our well-rounded approach to living well for yourself.